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In the name of God


  1. Parven has a comb.……comb is yellow. A:his B:my C:her D:your



  1. We have a house…….house is white.A:our B: your C:my  D:their



  1. ………are you?I'm a policeman.A: What B:what colour  C:What time



  1. ……five books in my bag.A: There is B:There are  C:It is D:They are



  1. ……shirt is it?It's Ali's shirt. A:What  B:Whose  C:How  D:What colour



  1. …….two soldiers in the picture.A:There is B:There are C:They are D:This is



  1. He has a brother………brother is a teacher.A:her  B:his C:it's D:my



  1. We have……fans at home. A: a   B:an  C:many  D:one



  1. There is…..umbrella in the picture. A: a  B:an C:many  D:two



  1. They have two pencils.These are…..pencils.A:his  B:their  C:my  D:our



  1. .......teachers are there in the classroom? A:What B:How C:How many D:what time



  1. ……has a comb.  A: Mina    B: I    C:We   D:You




  1. These are……trees in the park. A:many  B:one  C:a  D:an




  1. My father……a red hat.  A:have  B:is  C:has  D:am




  1. Whose scarf is it?It's…..  A:Mina's  B:my  C:her



  1. Six and seven is……. . A:twelve  B:eleven  C:thirteen



  1. Zahra and her sister have many books. ……books are in the room.A:their  B:his  C:her



  1. There are many trees….the park. A:in  B:on  C:under



  1. The shoes….white. A:  are B: is C: have D: has



  1. ….many books in the library.A: there is B: there are C: it is D: they are



  1. …..book is it ? it's my book . A: what B: whose C: what D: colour



  1. your teacher ….a car . A: has B: is c: have D: are



  1. That is an ….A: green orange B: red apple C: English book D: white



  1. His sister has a pen in …..hand. A: she's B: her C: sisters



  1. Mina: the blue cup is on the table ….the green cup ? Zahra: It's on the table ,too.A:what about B:what is C: whose cup is



  1. Are the pens on the desk ? no, …in the box . A: there are B: they are C: there aren't D: they aren't



  1. His sister  has …umbrella in her room . A: many B: a C: an



  1. Are they his books? Yes, they are….A:my fathers book B: he's C:Mr.Taban's D: Mehdi


  1. Are you and I nurses?No,….. .A:I'm not a B:You are C:we aren't D:we are



  1. Whit time is it?It is six forty five?Yes,it's…. . A:a quarter to seven B:a quarter to six C:forty six .D:a quarter past seven.


  1. …..is it?It is black. A:What time  B:What colour C:Whose




  1. My bag is red.It is a….bag. A: whit B: green C: yellow D: red


  1. Ali has a bicycle. This is …bicycle. A: my B: her C: his D: your



  1. …is this ? It's a comb. A:what B: whose C: what D: coiour



  1. …is It ? It's ten o'clock. A: Whose B: How C: What time D: What colour







1-C        2- A        3-A        4- B        5- B        6- B        7- B        8- C        9- B    10-B


11-C     12-A       13- A     14-C       15-A        16- C     17- A       18-A      19- A  20-B


21- B    22- A     23- C      24- B     25- A       26- D     27- C       28- C     29-C  30- A


31- B     32- D     33- C      34- A      35- D



to be continued…

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